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Why Do Millions households and Businesses in Mombasa Love Reverse Osmosis

March 22, 2018 - No Responses

Citizen’s of Mombasa are more health conscious like any other nation and truly conscious about the water hazards and issues in day to day life. Maybe it is true that when you are traveling you may look for a bottled water can but when it is a matter of feeding, cleaning water to a society, family house, Guest Houses, Event halls, Offices and commercial spaces in Mombasa, the idea of Bottled Water may not a feasible solution. A good water purifier with RO system from Aquavita can be an excellent choice for clean, tasty, odorless drinking water at your premise in Mombasa. Let’s check why?

Water System for your House –

Aquavita RO Systems can easily integrate into the Kitchen, bathroom or even to any appliance connected to water supply inside the home using a point of entry.  Based on the nature of water usage of drinking or another usage, you can select a right size of Reverse Osmosis (RO) system to be connected. You will be able to see the differences as you will never notice any corrosions.

Water System for Commercial Places –

Food & Beverage Industry, Hotels, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical & Agriculture industry need a lot of clean water.  RO water filter System is an obvious reason, because of the simplified water filter process, easy to install and maintain. Most of the time you got a yearly contact with your water delivery vendor who is just bothered about giving you the Bottled Water in Mombasa, but you skip purchasing the Bottled Water as soon as you have an RO System which comes almost free of cost to you for your trial.

AquavitaRO water systems use perfect cleaning architecture to filter nitrates, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, arsenic, sulfates, fluoride, bacteria,and much more. The moving or replaceable parts make RO systems easy to clean and service. If properly maintained, an RO System can last for more than 15 years.


Having the healthier refreshment with pure water at home or in the office is simple. Call AQUAVITA for an innovative water solution for your home or office or any commercial complex. We give you healthier fresh and cleaner water choice than bottle dispensers and also the purity you deserve. Get your pure water with the touch of a bottom! Fill our contact us form online at our website for a free trial! Please feel free to stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ social networks!