Practical Considerations of Installing Aquavita RO System

Bottle Water may be a choice of many, but can never be a long-term choice for plenty of reasons; getting a spontaneous water source in the office or home or in a commercial rendezvous in Mombasa definitely a costly affair if it is a question of using bottled water which can never be an alternate to RO Water System, which gives many features and flexibility. The AquavitaRO System gives you energy conservation, less space installation, a quick part replacement support for a spontaneous, cool and clean water in Mombasa at any commercial zone, at Venues where you see Social Events, Shopping complex or even in your society. Check the practical considerations of installing Aquavita ROSystem to avoid daily habits of buying a Bottled Water Mombasa.

Industrial RO System Use –

Coffee Shops & Restaurants, Breweries or Food units, Shopping mall or a city center, education hub or a hospital, Fish culture or a hydroponic, washing &cleaning everywhere there is a huge need of just fresh water.  Just drink safe and stay safe from unwanted microbes.

Water Cleaning on Stage –

PHSI RO Systems keep the TDS level as prescribed by the NFS / ANSI-58 Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Treatment Systems. The TDS varies place to place in accordance with the groundwater conditions. PHSI based purification allows passing water through multi-stage treatment to give you the best taste.

Installation and maintenance-

Off course there is wear and tear of the parts, filters, membranes and other replaceable modules inside along with regular cleanup of the entire module. This is just a plugand play. Then entire components are replaced and reinstalled in a matter of few minutes.

RO Water System Benefits –

  • Avoid worker compensation claims related to water
  • RO System Controls, Overall water consumption cost as no more buying of Bottled Drinking water in Mombasa
  • No microbial or airborne infection, no stomach upset
  • Instant pure water  right in front of you

What if you get the entire solution just installed on your commercial space with a rental program that includes all services and filters which can save you over 30% to 50% compared to Bottled Water in Mumbasa!


Having the delicious, healthier refreshment with pure water at office is simple. Call Aqua Vita LLC for an innovative water solution for your office or any commercial complex. We give you the best RO dispenser water coolers and also the purity you deserve. Get your pure water with the touch of a button! Visit us at for more information. Please feel free to stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ social networks!